Embracing Densification, Achieve the Best Use of Your Land

There are many Melbournians who are faced with a changing suburban landscape, having lived in a family home within a suburban location for years; we are seeing the increasing
densification of Melbourne occur all over the city, as homes are being replaced with townhouses and apartments.

For many of us, we found our perfect home and location many years ago. But, as those years have passed, our lifestyles and needs change. You might be facing the decision – or need – to downsize from your large, suburban block but you don’t want to leave the area you love.

Rather than fearing the need to move suburbs to a smaller home, many of Virgon’s clients are embracing the densification of suburban Melbourne, and are ultimately developing their
existing home and land into a townhouse project! By knocking down their larger, older home, home owners of large suburban blocks, especially in areas such as Hawthorn and Kew, find
that they can fit two to three – even four – stunning, modern town houses on their land.

Whilst there are obvious benefits of staying in a beloved location, it also gives the owner the ability to capitalize on their land as an investment, by keeping one townhouse and selling the remaining residence’s, it can often result in home owners having a brand new home, debt free. In terms of lifestyle benefits, owners can enjoy a brand new, architecturally designed townhouse that better embraces their new lifestyle. New townhouses can be designed to maximize smaller land parcels, can be designed to be sustainable and ultimately embrace new and functionalities and technologies that your old home may not have had.

Virgon offers free site consultations, allowing our expert team to examine your block. We will consult closely with you to maximize the value of your land and help you make the best decision for you. Contact us today on (03) 9819 9109 for more information or to organize a free site inspection.