Trends in the Design of Multi-Residential Buildings

Multi-residential living is rising in popularity as Melbourne continues to grow and expand, and builders embrace the idea of sky-acreage. Having a home close to the CBD or other hub areas, with access to transport, schools, and other social centres, is increasingly important to buyers. But with all the different types of multi-residential living available, it can be difficult to understand the difference. Further, many assume that multi-residential buildings can’t be luxurious. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Join us at Virgon as we discuss the current trends in modern multi-residential living!

What does Multi-Residential Mean?

Multi-residential is the name for any building that houses multiple residents. The most commonly recognised type of multi-residential building is the apartment building. However, there are several different kinds of multi-resident buildings popular in Australia!

The Duplexmulti-residential builders melbourne

Duplexes are essentially two conjoined properties occupying a single plot of land, sharing at least one common wall. Both dwellings are built at the same time and each home has its own rooms and entrances. In the past, duplexes developed an unfortunate reputation for being ugly, cookie-cutter homes bought by groups of students or young adults.

However, the modern duplex is returning as one of the most architecturally beautiful constructions on the market. In 2017, it is the quiet achiever of the home design realm, offering myriad options to extended families as well as investors. The modern duplex does not stand out as split home. Individuality is key, with unique styles, amenities, and spaces for each home.

Constructed from sustainable, ecologically-safe materials, these multi-residential homes are often designed to appear as a single home. Modern soundproofing and design based on privacy means that neither side of the property will encroach on the other.

The duplex offers a style of housing reminiscent of the traditional home but with less overhead for younger and extended families.

home builders melbourneThe Townhouse

It is often difficult to tell the difference between a townhouse and a duplex. Townhouses are homes built side by side that, like duplexes, share at least one wall. However, unlike a duplex, a townhouse is generally taller and narrower, and occupies its own plot of land rather than sharing like a duplex.

Most of us are familiar with the traditional townhouses that line the streets of Melbourne. However, the modern townhouse of 2017 is moving further and further away from the drab and dreary facades of the past with their dark interiors. Instead the modern townhouse is bright and airy, taking advantage of as much natural light as possible. It is the glamourous city option, with the style and feel of a traditional home in with the convenience of inner city living.

These multi-residential homes trend towards glass and natural timber, featuring open floorplans that give the sense of space and luxury. With home entertaining rising in popularity once again, townhouse often feature living areas that spill out onto large patio areas that take advantage of space. A large, artistic living room is a must have, along with unique spaces and architecture that set the home apart from its dreary, narrow predecessors.

Further, modern townhouses can be semi-detached, sharing a fence or garage wall rather than a house wall. It allows townhouse owners to have a sense of urban living without the expense of a large, detached home.

Apartment Buildingsluxury home builders hawthorn

Apartment buildings are, perhaps, the most recognisable and well-known of the multi-residential buildings. In recent years they have grown in popularity with more people – and families – opting to live in high-rise apartments.

Trends for 2017 see apartments embracing open layouts creating a sense of light, space, and air. Rich finishes, unique detailing, and practical floorplans are coveted. Elegant sliding doors and shutters help open or close entertaining spaces. Continuous runs of wood or millwork seamlessly blend living and kitchen areas while still allowing flexibility in layout and planning.

Rather than working against the environment, the modern apartment embraces the local topography and natural patterns, respecting existing heritage features.

Sustainable materials and an emphasis on solar power are the current hot trends, with ecofriendly apartments on the rise. Apartment buildings embracing the idea of vertical gardens and ecosystems are currently popular on the market, blending luxury with sustainability. Custom designed features, kitchens and finishes are popular, allowing apartment owners to let their personality out, no matter the size of their space.

The modern multi-residential building is a luxurious space, rising in popularity thanks to its access to social, commercial, and educational hubs. If you would like to know more about Virgon’s own multi-residential designs, contact us today!