More Than Meets the Eye – Townhouse Luxury

townhousesWhen considering a new home project – whether you are a new home owner or a savvy investor – making the right choice can be hard. With ever-changing trends in the property market, it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing a detached home, townhouse, or multi-residential construction. 2017 is certainly the beginning of a new trend, with new townhouses emerging across Melbourne.

Those who want a new home or a home in the suburb they love, can more easily acquire a newly built townhouse or a smaller block perfect for townhouse design. These homes suit a wide range of lifestyle needs, from new home owners to those looking to downsize, and offer fantastic, low maintenance options.

The Modern Melbourne Townhouse

There is a misconception that townhouses are older, uncomfortable homes needing a great deal of renovation. But modern townhouses go well beyond these basics into the realms of true, raw luxury. Further, townhouses offer more than meets the eye. They allow you to move into – or stay – in a suburb you love. It allows better access to schools, shops, and transport while still offering home owners backyards and car space.

Further, townhouses aren’t limited when it comes to floor plan options. Smart designers and architects can work with you, and your land, to create a home that cleverly uses every metre of space. As a result, modern townhouses can be personally tailored to your needs and desires. You can live in the perfect location, without the costs of a large property. There is no compromise between location and overstretching your budget for a luxury home you can own in due time.

Modern townhouse property development’s are a great investment. Virgon offers free site consultations to help you understand how you can best use your land.

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