Shhh!! Peace & Quiet In The Belle Mar Triple

As 2015 has flown by for Virgon, a project which we begun in February has really begun to take shape. The Belle Mar Triple, located in North Balwyn, is the pinnacle of luxury living in a family home.

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Virgon has worked incredibly close with our private clients, forming a strong relationship that has allowed for us to all work together, towards a common goal. That is, achieving a high-end product that will deliver all the necessary lifestyle needs for which our clients require. Ultimately, Virgon strives to deliver a project that is ‘As Unique As You Are’.

Whilst the Belle Mar Triple is part of Virgon’s New Homes Collection, there has been extensive customisation to the original design. Of the many alterations in this project, Something that has been an integral part of the design of this project were extensive acoustics which would absorb excess noise. In order to do so, Virgon has been meticulously installing insulation batts into all ceilings and internal walls into the home. The result? A tranquil, serene and comfortable space which absorbs sound and delivers a peaceful setting. thus complimenting the leafy and peaceful North Balwyn neighbourhood, see below for some installation photos:

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Attention to detail is a factor which is of paramount importance to Virgon, when this is combined with working collaboratively with clients, it is no surprise that such a high level of quality is achieved.

For residential building services, queries, questions or concerns. Feel free to contact Virgon on 9819 9109 to discuss any matter, and let us help you guide you through the process.