The Art of Entertainment in your New Home

entertainment areas

Australians love to entertain, and a large part of our entertainment occurs outdoors. In fact, entertainment areas have become a feature in their own right. Well-designed areas increase the functionality and value of your space, and there are several ways to achieve this.

Transitioning from Indoors to Outdoors

The seamless transition from indoors to outdoors is the most coveted look in the modern home. And there are many ways to achieve this. Simple servery windows are popular, allowing food and drink to be handed outside, creating a neat bar area for guests. Floor-to-ceiling windows also are popular for connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, along with bifold doors that allow homeowners to open and close off spaces as needed. Even small, picture-window style kitchen splashbacks can open up a small, open plan kitchen.

Timber flooring, large format stone tiles and designer tiles that run from the kitchen to the outdoor space help create a seamless transition from outdoors to indoors. Using connecting textures, lounge-worthy seating and aesthetically pleasing lighting further helps transform the outdoor entertainment space into a true extension of the open plan home.

Open Plan Kitchens

The modern open plan design has truly made the kitchen the heart of the home and entertaining space. With plenty of space for multitasking, the modern kitchen often features floor-to-ceiling cabinetry to maximise storage. Large island benches double as cooking spaces and areas for family and guests to gather and socialise while a meal is being made. These large benches are also an invaluable, secondary storage space, allowing appliances – like the microwave – to be carefully hidden from view.

Open plan, however, doesn’t mean you must lose your living zones. You can still designate set spaces in different ways, be it a change in textures, the careful arrangement and sectioning of furniture, or even variances in lighting styles.

Outdoor Kitchens

There has been a boom, in recent years, of creating fully functioning outdoor kitchens. These areas feature, not just the traditional Australian barbeque, but also cooking islands, bar fridges, and even pizza ovens.

As a result stunning outdoor kitchens spaces allow for easy entertaining, without the need to isolate the cook in the kitchen. This extension of open plan living means that no one misses the party. And with more elaborate outdoor appliances available, the era of the old barbeque is over. Now you can host an entire dinner party from the beauty of your outdoor entertainment space.

Pergolas, Verandas, and Alfresco Areas

Well-designed pergolas, verandas and alfresco areas allow homeowners to entertain outside no matter the time of year or weather. Pergolas and verandas help create a frame for these spaces, forming interior-feel rooms with all benefits of indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor areas feature designer heaters, firepits and air-conditioning for comfort all year round, and lounge furniture to suit all conditions. Some homes even feature multiple outdoor areas to allow space and privacy for everyone in the home.