The Virgon Virtual Reality Experience

display home VR experience
Innovative as always and staying on the forefront of both technology and the home building experience, Virgon introduces their VR Display Home Experience. From the comfort of the beautiful Virgon VR studio, clients can explore Virgon’s iconic home design, the Marque. These fully furnished and decorated virtual reality display homes are digital masterpieces. They truly putting Virgon on the cutting edge of the home building industry. Every detail has been painstakingly thought out and shines through as you explore the two storey virtual world.

VR Display Home Melbourne

The VR experience at Virgon is truly exciting. Seated in a comfortable chair in the VR Studio, visitors are able to explore Virgon’s Marque without leaving the room. The entire experience is easy to navigate as it allows you to move seamlessly from one room to the next. Other home building companies utilizes old “3D home” technology that requires you to drag a static image around with a mouse, the Virgon VR Display Home moves with you. It is smooth and incredibly responsive. There is no lag and the image remains crisp which means you don’t suffer from dizziness or vertigo that other VR systems can be prone toward.

For those who require glasses, the VR headset is extremely crisp and clear, meaning it can be worn without glasses. The lack of lag means you control the speed of movement entirely by yourself making the experience comfortable and unique.

The Virgon VR Studio

Virgon’s VR Experience is so much more than anything else you will find on the market today. Not only do you get to experience the stunning Marque design first hand, you get to explore it with a true sense of depth and movement. This could never be replicated by static 3D images used by other home building companies.

Further, the studio is equipped with a beautiful, tactile design wall. This allows you to interact with the finishes for your home. The materials range from gorgeous pure wool carpet, to engineered timber flooring and tile selections. Finally, the friendly team at Virgon is on hand to answer all your questions and to walk you through every element of the design of your new home.

But don’t just take our word for it, if you are considering Virgon for your new dream home project, contact us today on (03) 9819 9109. Be the first to experience the Marque VR Display Home!