Boutique Multi-Residential Construction

Award-Winning Multi-Residential Design

Boutique multi-residential and iconic multi-dwelling constructions are the pride of Virgon’s portfolio. As a long standing member of the Master Builders Association, Virgon sets the standard of excellence in every project. As a result you are guaranteed to love your new property. At Virgon we specialise in providing critical input during the concept and construction stage. Due to this we ensure client satisfaction and the best possible project results. Virgon’s intensive design phases means your new property will be everything you dreamed it could be!

Virgon leads the way in cutting edge contemporary design. Consequently we offer luxurious multi-residential homes that blend comfort with clean, modern lines. Our bespoke designs have graced several exclusive home design magazines. Choosing to work with Virgon therefore means you have chosen to work with the best in the industry.

Boutique Multi-Residential Builders

Virgon’s estimating success and competitiveness cements our position as the most sought-after construction company in Melbourne. As a result, we are as budget-conscious as you are when it comes to your project. We pride ourselves in providing quotes with your budget so there are no nasty surprises at the end of construction.

Virgon works closely with leading architects, home designers and home stylists to ensure your project is of the highest quality. Every person is unique and, at Virgon, we believe your new home should be, too. As modern home builders our architecturally designed, multi-residential homes are custom built to work with your land and the surrounding environment. As a result you can take pride in knowing your new property will join the award-winning iconic homes in Virgon’s portfolio. We strive to lead the way in standards of design excellence and this is apparent in every one of our projects.

Looking for an  an award-winning builder that will increase the value of your development? Contact Virgon or call 03 9819 9109 for a quotation.