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Virgon Constructions was established in 1995 by brothers Renato and John Virgona. Due to their expertise in property, development and construction, Virgon has become a leader in the construction industry. Further, their intricate knowledge of the inner suburban real estate market is the criteria on which they have built their success.

Virgon specialises and offers their skilled services in:

Because of our iconic contemporary design, the construction industry has presented Virgon with numerous awards.
These include the prestigious, “Most Innovative Construction” award from the Master Builders Association. Virgon Constructions luxury home builders hawthornVirgon has a proven track record of producing high-end new homes and developments, consequently featured in Luxury Home Design Magazine for our architectural design.

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About Us

At the forefront of the team are Renato and John Virgona:

Renato Virgona, Construction Director

Owing to a strong carpentry background Renato quickly rose to senior site supervision and site management roles. As such he was able to work on a diverse range of projects.

Together with his brother John they established Virgon Constructions with the aim of producing high-quality residential building projects and developments. Due to Renato’s extensive knowledge and experience he is more than qualified to lead Virgon’s expert team of staff and contractors. Therefore Virgon is known to complete all projects to an award-winning standard.

Clients, architects and engineers liaise directly with Renato on all matters from concept through to completion. Due to his ability to directly manage each site, oversee costings and maintain client satisfaction, Renato enhances the success of any construction development Virgon undertakes.

John Virgona, Development Director

A commitment to his hobby has built John a successful career doing what he loves.

In fact, John’s passion for quality and great design has allowed Virgon to produce unique and iconic contemporary design projects around Melbourne. Because John’s eye is always on the property market he is uniquely able to assist clients and joint venture partners on the opportunities of tomorrow, today.

All aspects of Virgon Constructions are under the watchful eye of John. As a result, he is involved throughout each project, sharing his client’s desire for great design. John strives to create an exclusive and tailored project without compromise. Consequently all of Virgon’s projects feature that little extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ our clients love.


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