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“A Home as unique as you are”.

Established in 1995, Virgon has decades of experience in creating inspiring designs and delivering the best possible luxury custom homes for each resident.

With 30 years of expertise in luxury residential home design & construction, Virgon constantly elevates the benchmark of best practice home construction in the luxury market. Virgon believes in delivering Melbourne’s highest & best standard in building and design services. Its what has made us the best custom home design & construction company in Melbourne.

Our Custom Designed homes are developed by our multi award winning, in-house team of AIA Certified Architects, interior designers and draft-persons, our custom home designs are uniquely curated to each resident. Each home is intricately designed to accommodate our clients preferences whilst also being at the forefront of design trends and building practices.

Virgon Master Builders Award
“Decades of Award-Winning Experience: Directors John & Renato Virgon claiming the award for 
Most Innovative Construction’, at the 1999 Master Builders Awards.”

Award Winning Custom Design Service

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Virgon’s collection of custom designed homes is full of award winning homes, spanning from 1999’s ‘Most Innovative Construction’ to 2020’s ‘Townhouse of the Year’. Our service is un-rivalled in the luxury residential market. as a family owned and boutique company, Virgon’s not a volume builder, each of our customers experiences first hand from the decades of industry experience from Director’s John & Renato Virgona.  

With 30 years of expertise and experience, Virgon is committed to only working with the best building professionals in architecture, development, construction and design in Melbourne. This ensures, our custom-designed homes will exceed industry standards and visually look outstanding

Best Custom Builders Melbourne

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Our team at Virgon embrace the philosophy “as unique as you are”. The outcome is simple, we provide our clients with the flexibility and freedom to customise the design of their new homes. Your new home should match your individual taste and personal needs.

Virgon are renowned professional builders, known for design, sustainability, and innovation. Our team works with you to develop the best custom home based on your needs and requirements. When it comes to building your dream home, you can trust a home builder with Virgon’s reputation to continually deliver the excellence you would expect from a professional builder.

Awarded and Trusted Custom Professional Builders

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Virgon is an industry leader in the construction industry thanks to stunning modern contemporary design. Our award-winning homes focus on blending comfort and luxury with appealing architectural construction. If you want your house to stand out in your street and simply look spectacular, let us assist you by creating your custom home or architectural designed townhouse. We specialise in customer homes and have won multiple housing awards. When it comes to home designs we are recognised across Australia as master builders.

 Contact Virgon today about creating your inspirational, practical and elegant home or townhouse. Our team are always glad to assist you.