Contemporary Duplex Builders Melbourne

Virgon Constructions are experienced Melbourne duplex builders.

Duplexes take pride of place in Virgon’s portfolio. Our award-winning, boutique duplexes focus on architectural design that challenges the idea of a contemporary home. As a result, we are experts at blending individuality with modern home design, to ensure your new home is as unique as you. Modern duplex design does not have to be cold and uninviting. Your new duplex will be warm and inviting with our iconic blend of clean lines and natural materials.

Virgon delivers custom-built homes that are luxurious and functional. Our duplex designs create a subtle transition from the indoors to the natural environment. This is part of how we lead the way in modern contemporary design. We specialise in working to your budget. As a result we guarantee no nasty surprises at the end of your build. Virgon only works with a leading team of duplex designers, architects and stylists to ensure your home meets your requirements to perfection. As well as pre-designed homes Virgon offers bespoke, contemporary designs.

Further, all custom-built duplexes can be customised to suit your needs.

Dual occupancy duplex townhouse
Bespoke duplex home design.

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Duplex Design Services

Virgon specialises in a number of services essential to the success of your new project. These include:

Virgon’s modern design is renowned in the home building industry. Consequently, we understand current Melbourne duplex design trends. We focus on maximising smaller blocks to create an iconic, residential homes. We consider every building element. carefully, with no aspect of the block ignored. As HIA-Award winners, our name represents construction and design excellence. Working with Virgon means you are collaborating with the best in the construction industry.

Luxury Duplex Houses

Duplex living and multi-residential homes do not need to be unattractive. Luxury duplex designs are a speciality of Virgon and take pride of place in our portfolio. Due to this we love producing bespoke designs that are iconic and on the cutting edge of modern design trends. With a focus on architectural design, our contemporary duplex house plans echo the environment. We produce modern designs that are comfortable and inviting without sacrificing luxury.

Virgon works with a wide range of duplex designs, from holiday homes (for example, our Mink project in Mount Hotham) to on trend residences. We have extensive contacts in the building and architectural industries. Therefore we can ensure your build is stress-free and flawless. Virgon works closely with trusted, experienced architects ensuring your home is built to the highest standards.

suburban contemporary duplex design melbourne
duplex custom home design interior
Melbourne duplex homes
2x Duplex residences, Melbourne

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Duplex Project Examples

Below are some examples of modern homes we have constructed over recent years.

Next Steps

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