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Bordered by the stunning Yarra River, Toorak is a quiet, idyllic escape amidst the bustle of Melbourne’s urban metropolis. It is famous for its stunning, luxury homes set against a backdrop of gorgeous native surrounds. Further, with close access to the city, world-class dining and entertainment, and endless recreational activities, it is no surprise that Toorak is one of the most exclusive and sought-after addresses in Melbourne.

Further, with a reputation for luxury modern homes, Virgon is excited to announce our latest construction project in the heart of Toorak. This is your chance to make this exclusive suburb your home with one of Virgons modern quality built homes, now, in Toorak.

Virgon Luxury Builder Toorak

With three decades of experience in creating Australia’s best luxury homes, Virgon brings our latest construction project to Toorak. This new building feature four luxury apartments with a convenient, shared basement. The opulent, ground floor apartment is 50sqm with a pool and landscaping, a must to combat the hot Australian summers.

We have constructed and sold luxury apartments in Melbourne’s best and most coveted suburbs, including Kew and Hawthorn. Virgon designs and constructs homes that provide you with all the comforts and integrations necessary for modern life. We also design facades that complement the native and natural surrounds, using eco-conscious building materials and techniques to limit the carbon footprint of our builds and homes. Virgon high end homes are not only coveted by home owners, they are also award winners.

Our luxury Toorak apartments feature award winning landscaping from Jack Merlo and interior designs from the sought-after Mim Design Interiors.

This project is currently under construction with a fully complete basement. Two luxury Toorak apartments are already sold so act quickly to secure your home in Melbourne’s most prestigious suburb. Completion is expected for early 2022.

Jack Merlo Landscape Design

Harmony and precision are at the heart of Jack Merlo designs. Australia’s premier landscape architect gives each project his personal attention from client brief to final contract. He is also renowned for his impeccable landscape architecture and collaborative approach with Australia’s best architecture and construction companies, like Virgon. And like Virgon, Jack Merlo focuses on the principles of harmony, sustainability, and beauty.

Jack Merlo also brings an architectural approach to landscape design that perfectly complements Virgon’s home and apartment designs. We are excited to bring his unique vision to our Toorak luxury construction project.

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Mim Design Interiors

Mim Design is one of the world’s best interior designers. They have spent the last 20 years curating an incredibly beautiful and diverse design portfolio of some of Melbourne’s best high-end residential, custom multi-residential, and 5-Star luxury hotels. Mim Design also focuses on creating refined and sophisticated spaces that reflect the unique personalities of their clients.

As part of the design process, Mim Design provides furniture curation, selection and procurement. As well as planning furniture for the home and the selection of individual pieces and materials, the team can also customise furniture to suit the interior. Design encompasses all facets of a comprehensive and successful project which is why Virgon loves to collaborate with such valuable experts to produce award winning homes for our clients. We are sure their professional and experienced touches will make ensure your new Toorak residence from Virgon will delight you for years to come.

Make Toorak Your Address Today with Virgon Constructions

luxury toorak apartmentsEstablished in 1995, Virgon Homes is a family owned property development, construction and project management company. As multi award winning home builders, we strive to continually raise the bar for the home building industry. We believe in providing the best property services in Melbourne. As a result, we set our sights on arguably Melbourne’s most desired suburb, Toorak.

Drawing on over 30 years experience and expertise, Virgon Homes ensures we only work with the top professionals in construction, development, design and architecture in Melbourne. As a result, our custom designed homes are not only stunning, but surpass industry standards.

We believe home is not a place, it is a feeling. It is where our stories begin. A luxury home inspires you to entertain, when you have a wonderful space that flows well, you want to share that with family and friends.

Virgon homes and apartments are award winners. In the past 5 years alone we have won the Master Builders Association award for our kitchen (2015) and the MBA Excellence in Building Award (2016), the HIA Winner of Townhouse/Villa Development of the Year (2016) and the HIA Overall Winner of Best Townhouse/Villa development in Australia (2017). And in 2020 we also took home the HIA Housing Awards Townhouse of the Year. Even in these unprecedented times, the industry and our clients recognise the quality and beauty of Virgon homes and designs. Virgon truly is the brand of success.

Now is your chance to own one of our premier apartments. For further information about our unforgettable luxury Toorak apartments now available in Toorak, please call (03) 9819 9109. Or request an appointment with one of our luxury home consultants today.