Project Investment

Project Investment

Virgon Constructions openly offers Joint Venture opportunities to anyone wanting to enter the property market. With a proven track record of successful joint ventures resulting in prosperous outcomes, many joint venture partners continue their investment with Virgon across numerous projects.

Virgon structures its investment opportunities as Unit Trusts; where each property is owned by a unit trust & the investors own the units. This offers investors security within their investment and private ownership with the project.

See below examples of previous joint venture projects with Virgon Constructions:

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Virgon’s finger is always on the pulse, constantly scouring development sites and opportunities.

Virgon dominates the property market, and this results in offers for several private opportunities. As a result, this gives them a leading advantage to obtain the best development sites.

Register your interest with Virgon today to be a part of our future projects.

Virgon Constructions also provides Development Management and Project Management services & opportunities, offering our Clients an all-inclusive property service.