Development Management

Property Development Management

Virgon Constructions provides step-by-step guidance in all facets of property development. Whether you’re a first-timer looking to make a start OR an established developer looking to improve your systems, Virgon offers specialist property development management services to help you achieve a successful development.

Do you have an investment property and not sure what to do with it?
Do you have a development venture planned but not sure where to start?
Are you looking for a new income venture?
Do you want to deal with a consultant who’s finger is always on the pulse and receive first-hand information?
Want to know the required steps for a successful property development?

Development Management services in which Virgon offer specialised guidance:

  • Sourcing and analysing site potential
  • Feasibility / Cost Saving Potentials
  • Estimating / Quantity Surveyor
  • Concept Design / Design Analysis
  • Appointment of required Consultants
  • Consultation with Local and State Authorities
  • Marketing
  • Legal / Contracts of Sale
  • Subdivision / Land Surveyor / Titles Office
  • Body Corporate
  • Sales / Leasing

Virgon utilise their established network of consultants and industry professionals to gain critical market information, often ahead of public knowledge.

No development project is too big or too small, but the end goal never changes – to add significant value to any project. As such, Virgon will specifically tailor a development management strategy and monitoring system for each individual project.

Virgon Constructions also provides Project Investment and Project Management services and opportunities, offering our Clients an all-inclusive property service.