Belle Mar Triple On A Hot Summer’s Day

As 2016 is in full swing again, and the Virgon workers are back into the routine. We have begun to notice some serious progress at the Belle Mar Triple.

Looking at the work-site from the street, the most notable installation is the decorative screen, which shields the front facade in a sleek black steel, giving the Triple a bold street presence, see photos below:

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Internally. there has also been significant change within the Belle Mar Triple. Throughout January, cabinet makers have been meticulously installing the kitchen as well as other drawers and cupboards around the home, see below:

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Along with the joinery being installed, painters have begun to decorate the Triple:

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Whilst there has been plenty of work to the facade as well as internally. The tilers have begun the task of tiling the entertainment area at the rear of the property. We are very pleased with the process so far, as the tiles which have been carefully selected by Virgon and our clients compliment the bold nature of the home, see some photos below of the tilers at work.

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We are very excited for the completion of the Belle Mar Triple at the end of March! If you are looking to build your own home and customise your own needs, like our clients have done with the Triple. Feel free to call Virgon on 9819 9109 to discuss further!