Belle Mar Triple Starting To Take Shape!

Virgon’s newest addition the New Homes Collection the Belle Mar Triple has started to show some serious progress in recent months.

The framing is all but complete and we are approaching the lockup phase of construction, the finished result will be a luxury 54 square metre home with 5 bedrooms and a triple car garage. The Virgon team are working with a delicate touch on this project, in order to provide a high quality home for the client at the end of construction. See below for some photos of the project thus far!


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Virgon relishes the opportunity to work closely with clients in order to articulate a client’s specific needs and wants into each project. Virgon stands by their philosophy ‘As Unique As You Are’ when approaching each project, a clients preferences are held in high regard at Virgon. That’s why Virgon works as hard as possible to ensure that a client’s personal touch is found in their own home.

If you are looking to build your own home and want to articulate your own style into your project, call Virgon HQ on 9819 9109 or email