Luxury Duplex Builders Hawthorn

Our award-winning, boutique duplexes take pride of place in Virgon’s portfolio. Our focus on architectural design challenges the idea of a contemporary home while maintaining a luxury feel. As a result, our Hawthorn duplex builders are experts at blending modern duplex design with individuality. We ensure your new home is as unique as you. Forget the idea that duplexes are cold or uncomfortable. Virgon’s modern duplex design, with our iconic blend of clean lines and natural materials, ensures your home is warm and uninviting.

Virgon delivers custom-built duplexes that focus on luxury and function. We create a subtle transition from the indoors to the natural environment, leading the way in modern contemporary design. Further, guarantee no nasty surprises at the end of your build thanks to Virgon’s focus on building to your budget. We only work with the best designers, architects and stylists to ensure your home is built to perfection. As well as our bespoke designs, Virgon also offers pre-designed homes to match any budget.

Further, Virgon’s custom-built duplexes are customised to suit your needs.

Best Modern Duplex Designs Hawthorn

Luxury duplex designs are a speciality of Virgon and take pride of place in our portfolio. We love producing bespoke modern designs that are iconic and on the cutting edge of contemporary trends. Our contemporary dual occupancy house plans echo the environment, subtly blended with architectural design, creating a modern design without sacrificing luxury.

Virgon specialises in a wide range of duplex designs, from luxury holiday homes to custom-designed houses. We have extensive contacts in the building and architectural industries. Therefore we can ensure your build is stress-free and flawless. Virgon works with trusted, experienced architects to further ensure your home is built to the highest standards.

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