2017 Loves Melbourne Townhouses!

townhouse buildersDrive through Melbourne and you will undoubtedly see a townhouse or two pop up. But did you know that this is the future of property development in Melbourne? With apartments slowly falling out of favor, luxury townhouses have begun emerging even in residential suburbs. Townhouses redefine modern luxury and sophistication.

The Classic Melbourne Townhouse

Introduced between 1850 and 1890 Melbourne’s iconic townhouses coincided with the Gold Rush population boom. These townhouses ranged from middle-class homes with up to 5 storeys and small, 1 storey worker’s cottages. Built in the Filigree style through the use of cast-iron balconies and verandas, often depicting native flora.

Melbourne townhouse builders went to great pains to hide roof elements with decorative parapets, balustrades, cornices, and friezes. Designed to be appreciated as part of a row; Melbourne townhouses are deliberately ornate. In fact, thanks to these townhouses, Melbourne boasts more decorative cast iron than anywhere else in the world.

Unfortunately, these town houses were zoned as slums after the Boom era; pulled down to battle slum issues and replaced with free standing homes . However, in the 1960s there was a renewed interest in seeing these priceless architectural remnants to be gentrified and preserved. As a result the remaining, original townhouses are highly sought after and expensive.

townhouse buildersModern Melbourne Townhouses

However, modern townhouse builders in Melbourne focuses on urban renewal projects, transforming unused areas into new communities. These new, 2-3 bedroom homes feature the latest in materials and building techniques. This long awaited transformation of abandoned commercial areas – like shipyards. Further, townhouses are growing in popularity in residential areas with townhouse builders expertly integrating homes into beautiful, natural surrounds these new townhouses are the modern hallmark of sustainable living. Carefully built to allow cross ventilation and maximize natural light, modern townhouses boast an openness that is perfect for entertaining and relaxing. Ever mindful of carbon footprints, luxurious modern townhouses utilize rainwater tanks and solar panels to make the most of modern living in natural surrounds.

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