6 Favourite Architectural Trends for 2017

architectural servicesLifestyle trends change and grow frequently, so it is obvious that our taste in home design changes too. As a result, architecture doesn’t exist in isolation. It carefully watches the change in lifestyle requirements and changes accordingly. So here are our top 6 favorite architectural trends of 2017 so far!

1. Digital Withdrawal

With the rise in technology invading every aspect of our lives it might surprise you to see home design taking a different turn. Built as a backlash against the technological takeover of our lives, homes are built as retreats from the modern world. Many have described this as a return to the 1950s Post-Modern, with a focus on form and function. Cork, wood and concrete as building supplies are seeing a resurgence along with rooms entirely free of technological influence. The adage “less is more” describes this architectural movement.

2. The Connected House

In stark contrast to the Digital Withdrawal trend is the Connected House trend. For those who love to stay on top of the latest technological developments, this trend sees an abundance of technology allowing more connectivity in the home. The availability of the internet, along with the growing list of connected devices sees home owners wanting their homes to be places of convenience, comfort, and luxury. Smart technology including voice controlled heating, high tech – but minimalist look – security systems, and smart air conditioning can be built into the home. Architectural services allow home owners to dictate how much connectivity they want!

3. Nature Indoors

On the back of the Digital Withdrawal trend is the trend toward nature embracing homes. Modern homes welcome nature indoors, celebrating the relaxing and healing benefits of the natural world. These new homes allow the environment to co-create gardens and embrace elaborate spaces both indoors and out. With famous world-wide projects, including the New York High Line elevated park and the Seoul Sky Garden, this trend is certainly here to stay.

4. The Neo-Modernist

Similar to the trend of embracing nature, the Neo-Modernist allows for the integration of outdoor and indoor living spaces. Clever architectural services design outdoor spaces as indoor sanctuaries – which means our crazy Melbourne weather will no longer get in the way of outdoor living! The Neo-Modernist maximizes the use of outdoor spaces with stunning gardens, integrated swimming pools, and luxurious leisure spaces.

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5. The Energy Efficient Home

With our planet reaching the “Overshoot Point”, 2017, we are now consuming more than the earth can replenish. With this dire warning hanging over us, it is no surprise to see a surge in energy efficient design across all sectors – including architecture. Ecological design is a powerful social movements found in every facet of our society. Home owners desire homes that have a lighter ecological and carbon footprint that are also cost-effective. This movement also focuses on quality materials, saving money in the long run. The Energy Efficient home makes use of transformable spaces, meaning homes can be smaller without skimping on luxury.

6. Neoteric Design

Hard on the heels of energy efficient design is Neoteric. This movement, already wildly popular in New York, Tokyo, London and Paris, focuses on space transcending tradition. Living spaces are easily and quickly transformed. As a result, this design trend sees outdoor spaces used as living and entertainment areas, and office spaces that double as libraries. Embracing limited space has never been so trendy.

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