Duo Townhouse Design – The Future of Melbourne Townhouses in 2018

Dual occupancy dual occupancy townhouseSince Virgon was nationally recognised as a premier townhouse builder in 2017, by receiving the HIA Australian for best Townhouse/Villa Development in 2017, we have since been striving to yet again raise the bar when it comes to modern townhouse design. Our team has been working to create a striking and innovative townhouse design that pushes the boundaries in luxury home building.

After months of careful design work, extensive focus groups, alterations, samplings and discussions, our team has worked to bring this new development to life. Virgon is proud to present our latest dual occupancy townhouse design!

Duo – Innovative Dual Occupancy

This luxury townhouse design has been innovatively curated to look like one house when viewed from the street. A closer look, however, reveals that it is actually two residences. This new design not only delivers a new level of luxury but also maximises the use of space. We create a property that gives our clients 2 residences comprising 30 squares (that’s over 270 square metres). The Duo property sizes are:

  • Unit 1: 298sqm or 32 squares
  • Unit 2: 304sqm or 33 squares

As with all Virgon designs and projects, quality construction methods and cutting-edge materials are used throughout the design phase. Comprised of industry leading architects, designers and builders, our team is in constant discussion.  As a result, our design and construction teams work closely to deliver a home that far exceeds industry standard requirements.

Our new Duo Townhouse design is ideal for the home owner looking to keep one townhouse and sell the other. It is perfect for those who already own land or property in their ideal location but are looking for a modern home design that works for them. You can now own your dream luxury home and make money by selling or renting the second property.

Want to find out more about Virgon’s Duo Townhouse design? Looking to start your next home building project? Contact Virgon today! Our team is excited to help you get your dream home.