7 Reasons to get a Custom Built Home

There’s nothing like feeling at peace in your own home. But sometimes finding the perfect home that meets all your needs can be nearly impossible. A custom built home gives you the freedom to create a house that meets all your needs and desires. Not convinced yet? Well here are our 7 reasons why you should consider a custom built home!

Build in a Place You Love!custom builders hawthorn

When you buy a pre-existing home, you don’t have a lot of choice when it comes to land. The house might be perfect, but it could be in an undesirable area. Perhaps the block of land itself is unsuitable or the house isn’t well positioned.

With a custom built home you have the freedom to decide where you want to build, the position of your home on the block, and how you will utilise your space.

Designed For You!

When it comes to buying an older home you’re often stuck with the current layout. While renovations are possible, they can be costly and are often restricted by the structure of the original house (especially if the home you buy is heritage listed).

A new home can be designed to perfectly match your lifestyle, with open plan spaces, large entertaining areas, walk-in wardrobes and luxurious bathrooms. Every family member can have a say in how they want the rooms to look and work, giving you a home that is perfectly customised to your needs. And you only pay for the features you need. Why settle for someone else’s design when you could have your own?

Cost Effective

Older, pre-existing homes incur a lot of expenses over the years. As well as renovation and remodelling, there are repairs to the rooves, pipes, plumbing and electrical work to consider. These are constant issues for older houses, and should your house have a heritage listing you may be restricted in what you can do – especially when it comes to remodelling and renovation. And should your home contain dangerous or unsustainable materials, you could be looking at a lot of expensive repairs.

A new, custom built home is made from lasting, sustainable materials that are safe for you and your family. You will have years to wait before your home needs maintenance while an older home may need repairs within the first few months of ownership.home builders hawthorn

Further, a new custom home means you can ensure your home is sustainable and efficient, cutting the price of your energy bills.

Choose Your Own Builder!

The perk of building a new, custom home is choosing the builder you prefer. You can choose a builder with an impeccable reputation and who understands your project perfectly. With a pre-existing home, however, you have no option to choose your builder – this can even be the case with off-the-plan homes where you are stuck with the same builder who has constructed every other house in the street.

Being able to choose your own builder means a higher level of quality control than with a pre-existing home. You can work closely with your builder to ensure your home is built to your satisfaction. With a pre-existing home, you simply do not know how well it was constructed.

Tailored to Your Budget

Buying a pre-existing home means you could be buying features and space you don’t want or need. Building a custom-built home gives you total control over your floorplan and space. You can ensure you get the best design for your budget and needs, especially with an experienced custom builder.

Further, you can make changes to your home during the planning phase at no extra cost. Walls can be moved, rooms rearranged, and space added (or eliminated). Much easier – and cheaper – than renovating an older home!

Health and Safety

It might not seem like something you need to consider these days but older homes can put your family at risk. Some older houses still contain dangerous asbestos and lead. Further, older homes can also suffer from mould, mites or even termites.

A new, custom built home gives you the choice to select building materials that are safe for your family and are sustainably sourced. And with housing trends leaning towards the mixing of different materials, you can customise exactly what goes into your home and how it looks.custom built home kew


The beauty of a custom built home is that it is literally custom built for your needs. Older houses lack the environmental standards, technology and automation of newer homes. Further, they are expensive to update and upgrade.

A new, custom built home can be made with your needs – and wants – in mind. Built-in home security, home theatres, integrated audio, intelligent thermostats and lighting, and other smart-home technologies can be included in a custom built home that are simply not possible in older houses.

When looking for your new – or first – home, there is a preconceived assumption that you must buy a pre-existing home. These days, however, it is easier than ever to build a custom home. Consider a custom home your blank canvas, a way to truly represent you and your family.

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