Home Design Trends for 2017

home design hawthornWith 2017 well underway, we thought it was time to turn our sights towards the home design trends of 2017. With a heavy focus on new building materials, natural light and outdoor living, the homes of 2017 promise to be some of the most beautiful examples of luxury sustainable homes. Let’s have a look at the trends emerging for 2017.

The Façade

2017 sees a trend towards incorporating different materials, textures and colours into the façade of new homes. Brick and render are still popular, but home buyers are leaning toward architecturally designed looks over manufactured ones. Combinations of timber, glass in the form of larger windows, mixed metals and plaster finishes are all gaining popularity.

Further, homes that embrace the environment and blend the interior with the exterior are also trending for 2017. This has pushed the popularity of natural materials like timber, as well as larger windows or sliding doors that open onto outdoor entertaining areas. Floor-to-ceiling windows replace walls so rooms have unobstructed rooms of the outdoors.

Finally, large format tiles are a trend guaranteed to last past 2017. It is a beautiful addition to the home that instantly creates a classic modern and minimalistic look, while still denoting a sense of luxury.


Like the façade, flooring is undertaking a shake up, embracing large format tiles. This trend creates a natural elegance to the home. They create a minimalistic look with an almost seamless laying style that minimises grout lines. The natural movement of the stone helps create a seamless flow between the exterior and interior.

Stone large format tiles and timber create a calming sanctuary as homeowners increasingly seek a stress-free home lifestyle. Creating a natural, architecturally-designed space to relax is essential in the homes of 2017.

Terracotta as a flooring medium is making a comeback. The art of using terracotta tiles is ensuring you go for a faded look with distressed edges, over clean lines – unlike large format tile flooring – that can make the room feel cold. Originally preferred as an outdoor tile, terracotta is fast becoming a staple for kitchens and living areas.

luxury home design melbourneFurther, ceramic is also appearing in indoor flooring. Available in a wide range of patterns and styles, ceramic can bring a modern elegance to a new home.

Sustainable Homes

Ever environmentally conscious, the housing market is avidly pursuing the self-sufficient house. This trend has been gaining steam for over ten years and shows no sign of slowing. Homes that embrace solar power, water tanks, and emerging ecotechnology, are increasingly in demand, as are homes that have a passive design that melts into the surrounding environment, rather than overpowering it.

A preference towards combining new sustainable materials with recycled timber and stone is also a heavy trend in 2017, as is the efficient use of space. Multi-use rooms are trending, along with utilising unusual architectural features to create quiet spaces for relaxation. The most prevalent theme, however, is “daylight harvesting”. By opening up the home and maximising the use of natural light, 2017’s luxury houses are able to use less artificial light. Stylish, motorised shading further allows the modern sustainable home to conserve and utilise daylight more efficiently.


As mentioned earlier, design trends are increasingly turning toward a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Outdoor kitchens and outdoor rooms for entertainment are increasingly popular, as are rooms that open entirely onto a courtyard space.

Open plan outdoor living features ecotechnology, native plants and outdoor solar lighting. In comparison, high-maintenance outdoor features like intricate landscaping, water features and water-thirsty plants are heavily on the decline.


Interiors are embracing a more natural feel as well, with black glass appliances, gem colours and soft metals like bronze replacing copper, marble and stainless steel. The industrial trend is maintained through 2017 but with some small changes. Metals are given a softer, modern twist thanks to the inclusion of white plaster and resin.

Large walk-in wardrobes, quiet rooms and even small scale cocktail bars are gaining popularity among new homeowners as home entertainment sees a resurgence.

Further, quiet spaces are increasingly sought after due to the increasingly hectic lifestyles we lead. Quiet rooms vary from the classic library to yoga and meditation retreats. Often devoid of technology, these rooms utilise lost space on a housing plan. These spaces often feature large skylights, internal gardens or courtyards.

Smart storage is another growing trend, especially when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms. Rooms provide ample, unobtrusive storage allowing large rooms to be easily tidied away for entertainment, or utilising the maximum amount of space in smaller apartments.luxury home design melbourne

With homes becoming larger and often seeing multiple generations living under the same roof, the trend toward multiple master suites is on the rise. Further these large, luxurious rooms allow extended family – or guests – to have a private space to retreat to away from the shared spaces of the home.

Open Plan

Open plan living has risen and fallen in popularity of the years but 2017 marks this trend as one that is finally here to stay. Rather than walling off rooms, as we did in the past, implied rooms are rising in popularity. Rooms are now defined by a change in flooring or ceilings, rather than being partitioned off, making the room feel larger and more visually connected.

As we mentioned above, the blending of indoors and outdoors has also grown in popularity. Indoors and outdoors flow together without a solid distinction. Outdoor entertaining areas now include full kitchens, furniture, televisions and surround sound. Private courtyards that open onto other rooms extend the entertaining space of the home.

If you would like to find out more about the homes of 2017, or if you want to begin your latest luxury home design, contact Virgon today!