Why Build a Luxury New Home?

With interest rates on the rise, it might seem like a counter-intuitive idea to invest in a home, especially a luxury home. But studies show that, on average, over 90% of our time is now spent indoors. And 45% of that time is spent in the home. With so much time spent in the home – especially with the rise in smart technology – it seems crazy not to invest in a home you love.architectural service melbourne kew hawthorn

What is a luxury home?

When we hear the words “luxury homes” we all envision something different. For some, a luxury home reflects their life achievements. For others, luxury is a comfortable space to relax at the end of the day. Whatever your definition, at the end of the day, a luxury home is a place that is quintessentially you.

Cost and Design

No matter how lovely a second – or third, or fourth – hand home is, or how much you like it, you will always find something that needs changing or renovating. It will always lack something you have always wanted, resulting in disappointment and compromise. Over time, as you renovate and repair and older home, you end up spending more on a home you don’t entire love, than you would designing the home of your dreams. If 45% of your life is spent in your home, you want it to be a place that works for you. Designing your own home also means you can get the floor plan, materials, and quality you want, at your budget.

custom built home melbourneLocation

Your luxury new home design means you can also choose the location you want. How many times have we all gone to inspect a house only to find the location is undesirable. Or, conversely, we have found the perfect location but there are no homes that suit our needs and desires. Designing your own luxury home means you can choose your location, how your home sits on your block, and the best floor plan to match your lifestyle.

Luxury is Comfort

Too many people have the idea that a luxury home is a cold, museum like building where you are afraid to touch anything. This cannot be further from the truth when it comes to modern luxury new home designs. An emphasis on timeless design, functionality, and personal comfort. Designing your own luxury home means you can create exactly what epitomises luxury and comfort for you and your family.

Custom building your luxury new home design  means you have full control over everything that goes into your home. There is no need to renovate and no nasty surprises a few months down the track. Instead, you can rest assured in coming home to a place you will want to spend time in.

If you are looking to design a new luxury home, contact Virgon today on  (03) 9819 9109. Our expert team of in-house architects and builders will be able to help you create your dream house to your budget.