Embracing the Suburbs with Residential Building

With Melbourne’s skyline growing increasingly cluttered with quickly built apartment blocks, it is little surprise that Victorians are retreating to the suburbs. This rise in residential living has been seen around Australia but most strongly in Victoria.residential building

The idea that the suburbs are all pre-fabricated monstrosities is outdated. Since last year, there has been a steady rise in buyers returning to the idea of the detached, suburban home and reports all state we are on the cusp of a residential building surge. Residential building is appealing, not only to the traditional family, but also to young single owners who like the suburban lifestyle.

While our old style of suburbs, with their vast swathes of asphalt and cookie-cutter designs are unsustainable, the “new urbanism” movement is seeing a change in the approach to multi-residential building. Unlike urban areas, the suburbs allow designers more flexibility with land use and design exploration.

New residential building designs aim for luxurious, architectural beauty that embraces the local environment and are also environmentally friendly. High quality materials and sleek, architectural designs are rising in appeal over the old-style Victorian bungalow.

A focus on solar power could see the suburbs of the future without ugly power lines and poles. Amenities located within walking distance gives residential building the feeling of urban downtown living, with the benefit of luxurious home design and space.

residential buildingThe new urbanism movement designs residential buildings that fit the features of their land, this includes townhouses. They aim at “rewilding”, a type of landscaping that embraces local plants. This means less maintenance than the traditional manicured lawn.

Further, with the driver less car drawing closer to becoming a reality, the appeal of the suburbs is rising. Without the need to actively drive, buyers are becoming less concerned with living close to work. This gives home owners and developers more room for experimentation and cutting edge design in residential building.

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