Design vs. Budget – Avoid the Greatest Pitfall of Building a New Home

budget architecture melbourne hawthorn kewIt is an all too common story in the building industry. A client has bought their dream block of land and engaged an architect to design their amazing new home. Armed with this design they go to tender – getting the project priced by two or three builders – only to find they have gone way over budget. This can happen for a myriad of reasons.

Architects Whilst Very Talented, are not Builders

An architect, after all, is not a builder. While experienced architects have a general idea of cost, the level of detail in pricing a construction project is significant. Often the more unique the design, the higher the cost. Architects are fantastic at creating amazing designs, but these factors can mean they struggle to keep budgets in check.

Getting Over-Excited with Your Project

Clients can also affect their own budget by not listening to their architect when features go over-budget. It is easy to sign-off on additional features during the design phase without understanding the flow on effect of your choices. For example, high ceilings mean you will need bigger windows and extra structure. This in turn means you will need more glazing and extra plasterboard, insulation, sound-proofing and paint. Too often clients will lose track of add-ons they’ve signed off on, resulting in a building estimate way over budget. This leaves the client with the difficult decision. Stretch their budget, rework their design, start over completely or, worst of all, give up.

Don’t Be Coy About Your Budget

A lot of people pass around the myth that you shouldn’t tell your architect or designer how much your budget is, because they will go over. But budget is the most significant part of your brief. It sets the boundaries for your design and build. While it is always smart to keep money as a contingency, you should let your architect know what your budget is. Not only does this start out a trusting relationship with your architect, it means they will have a better feel for what you can afford and where the scope of their design can go. They can also advise you on what features can be included in your budget and what will go over.

So what can you do if you have your heart set on a custom-built home?

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The Best Option for Your Budget – Design-Build Teams!

Design is incredibly important when it comes to bespoke homes. The architect’s role is to inspire their client to achieve an innovative design which caters for their preferences, needs and wants. When you work with a Design-Build Team, it is then the construction team’s responsibility to ensure that the design and budget are working in-sync.

At Virgon Constructions, budget is at the very forefront of our thinking and design. With years of expertise in both architectural design and construction, we have a long-proven track record of working to clients’ budgets to ensure luxurious functional homes. Virgon is uniquely able to do this as our architects and interior designers work in close unison with our construction team to realistically gauge costs at each step of the design phase.

Virgon’s team will custom design your home to suit your budget, your needs, and your block. Our experts will ensure that there’s no need to compromise on your new, architectural design. You will have the peace of mind knowing there will be no shock when it comes to building costs.

If you are interested in finding out more about Virgon’s Custom Built Homes, please feel free to contact us today!