Single vs. Double Storey: Which Should Your Build?

residential construction

Building a home requires hundreds of decisions at every step of the planning and property development process. This includes deciding whether you want a single storey or double storey home. It is important that your home fit you, your lifestyle, and your family needs. It is costly to change your mind halfway through planning – both to your schedule and your hip pocket. So here are the pros and cons of both single and double storey homes.

Single Storey

Single storey homes are the most popular design residential construction in Australia. Single storey homes work best on large blocks where they can make use of all available space. However this land can cost more to buy, especially if you want a spacious garden as well. A single storey will, however, reduce your garden space. This does mean they are easier to care for, with less outdoor living. Many people considering a growing family prefer a single storey home where the very young or the elderly are all on the same level.

Single storey homes are good for those downsizing and appear more spacious. New style, open plan design means rooms flow seamlessly yet still maintain designated zones using over sized openings in the place of doors. Unlike double storey homes, corridors can be wider and longer, and put to more use. Closet space can run the length of the hall, display art or family photographs, or taking advantage of natural light. Finally, space is saved by avoiding a staircase – this space can be used as a study, wine cellar or extra storage space.

Double Storeyresidential construction

There are many similar factors to discussing single storey when we look at double storey living. Double storey works well for families needing multiple, versatile living spaces. There are separate living areas for families with older children or relatives. Double storey allows separate living areas for older children, elderly relatives, or visitors. It also allows home owners to combine large entertainment spaces with unparalleled views.

It is important to think about how best to utilize the space you have. The size of your land can be a big influence on what design you choose to pursue. Multi-level homes take advantage of smaller block sizes and allows for more garden space.

Bear in mind, however, that you need to consider council regulations on roof and storey height, first. Some areas may not allow for double storey residential construction.

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